Here at Apple Bee, we all practice reading and writing. Today our older students practiced their skills by tracing the words to a Christmas song that they are learning. Our younger students practiced by looking at letters and copying them with crayons.Reading and writing are great ways for us to study English!


Every year we make a poster of the next years animal to hang on the wall. Next year is the year of the Dragon, so we made a giant dragon poster!


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Today we held a birthday party for our November birthday girl & boy. We saw their baby pictures, and listened to momma stories. We also sang songs and made yummy mini-pizza with gyoza skins, bacon, corn, tomato, and cheese. Happy Birthday!


Today we got out some Christmas decorations and began decorating our classroom. We have many decorations, but we like our Christmas tree the best!


Thursday is Thanksgiving in America. The day after Thanksgiving is usually the day for the kickoff of the Christmas season. We have a lot of Christmas songs that we want to learn this year so we started a bit early. We love singing Christmas songs!


Friday is show and tell day. Today we brought noise makers and musical insturments. We sang songs and made beautiful noise with our noise makers. Making noise is fun!


今月のうたの1つ、”Wheels on the Bus.”(バスのうた)を歌ったよ。ワイパーの音、ドアの閉まる音、赤ちゃんの泣き声など擬音語がだくさん。おもしろいからみんなこのうたが大好きだよ。
We learn new songs every month here at Apple Bee. One of the songs we are learning this month is “Wheels on the Bus.” This song is very fun to sing! We can dance and do actions to the words of the song, like open and shut, up and down, and “shhh, shhh, shhh.”We like learning while singing and dancing!


今月のテーマは『都会と田舎』反対言葉も学習しているよ。今日は先生が『右・左』、『前、後ろ』を教えてくれた後、方向ゲームをして遊んだよ。先生が”Go straight!(まっすぐ!)“ ”Turn right!(右を向いて!)など”…指示通りに行くとカードを取ることができるよ。そのカードを読むことができたらポイントが貰えるんだよ。
Along with learning about town and country, this month we are studying opposites. Today our teache taught us the English words for various directions: right, left, go straight, go back…
After learning these directions we were able to play “The Direction Game.” Our teacher guided us to various phonics cards scattered on the floor using the directions we just learned. When reaching the card we would say the letter we found on it and recieve a point for being correct. We like “The Direction Game!”


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13日(日)、『からいもフェスティバル in おおづ』のいもほり大会に参加しました。お天気も恵まれ、そしてたくさんのからいもを収穫でき、みんな大満足!!いもほりのあとみんなでランチをして、うたを歌ったり、ゲームをしたりして楽しい時間を過ごしました。
It’s potato digging time again! Every year Apple Bee joins the Ozu Sweet Potato Festival, this year it was held last Sunday, November 13th. It was beautiful day! First we dug up lots of yummy sweet potatos, then we went to the festival grounds for lunch. After lunch we sang songs and played games together. It was fun!


月に1回、Apple Bee Cafe (保護者と先生の座談会)があります。Apple Bee Cafe では毎月のテーマについて話し合います。今日は、「Time – Town and Country」、今月園で歌っているうたや読んでいる絵本などを紹介しました。
Every month we have a special event for our parents, Apple Bee Cafe. At Apple Bee Cafe we discuss the current months themes, songs, and stories. November’s themes are Time and Town and Country.Apple Bee Cafe is a nice chance for our parents to discuss what their childern are studying, and to learn a little English themselves.


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Today we studied about our home Kyushu. Afterwards we made a collage of our town, Kumamoto. We love out town!


Wednesday afternoons at Apple Bee are for writing practice. Today we practied writing vocabulary from our shared reading and the alphabet.Writing helps us with developing our coordination while making it easier for us to remember the alphabet.


今日は、shared Reading(みんなで本を読む)の日。”Friends”と言う本を読んだよ。その後、友だちの絵を描いたよ。
For this month’s shared reading we are reading “Friends” from the Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun Series. After we finished today’s reading, we drew pictures of our best friends!


毎週金曜日は、ショー&テルの時間があるよ。毎月のテーマに沿ったものについて紹介するんだよ。今月のテーマは”Day & Night(昼と夜)””Town & Country(町と田舎)”今日は、町の中にあるものについてみんなそれぞれ紹介したよ。
Friday is Show & Tell day! This month’s themes are Day & Night and Town & Country. Today we showed pictures we drew of things we can find in a town, then told about them.We love Show and Tell.


今日、先生が”Wheels on the Bus.”(バスのタイヤ)本を読んで、そのあとうたを教えてくれたよ。そして先生が作ったワークシート”Magic Bus”のプリントを使って、形や数などの学習をしたよ。
One of the songs we’re singing this month is “Wheels on the Bus.” Today our teacher gave us a worksheet he made, a Magic Bus filled with letters and shapes for us to trace, color, and count. We love learning new things at Apple Bee.


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30日(日)に、ハロウィーンパーティーをしたよ。みんな魔女やプリンセス、海賊などに仮装してうたをうたったり、ゲームをしたりして遊びました。あいにくの雨で”Trick or Treat!”「お菓子をくれないとイタズラするぞ!」っといって近所の家を回ることはできませんでしたが、室内を回ってたくさんのお菓子をもらって楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。
Last Sunday (October 30th) we had a Halloween party at Apple Bee. There were many pirates, princesses, and witches. We sang Halloween songs, played Halloween gams, and ate Halloween candy. We even got to trick or treat. It was rainy so we couldn’t trick or treat outside, so we did it inside in our gym. We had a great time at out Halloween party, and can’t wait to do it again next year!


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29日(金)、「Trick or Treat.」TKUピューマンに行って、たくさんお菓子をもらったよ。そしてそのあとTKU『若っ人ランド』収録中のスタジオ見学に行ったよ。大きなテレビカメラに写った自分の姿も見ることができたよ。と~っても楽しかったよ。
On Friday, October 29th, we went to TKU to Trick or Treat. The TKU people were very kind, they even gave us candy. They were filming Wakako Land and they asked us to be on TV with them. We could even see ourselves on the studio monitors. It was FUN!
We would like to thank everyone at TKU for showing us a fun time. We will always remember our day at TKU.Thank you very much.